My First Year in Silicon Valley

After spending the previous six years of my life in a tiny town for college and a Midwestern city for work, I moved to take a Software Engineering job at a large Bay Area tech company. Here are my takeaways, one year in.

The temperature ranges maybe 20ºF year-round. While that wasn’t the highlight of the last year, it was up there.

How are your coworkers different at a major tech company?

Coworker A is still on the waiting list for his AirPods Pro

How does the culture differ?

Does all that time spent on studying data structures and algorithms for interviews ever come in handy?

Even if moderately useful, I’m still too scarred from Leetcoding to do it as a hobby.

How does the engineering work itself differ from now?

Is it possible to have a life or do you just work all day now?

Is it as good as you expected?

tl;dr — yep — DM me on Twitter if you have any questions on anything, iOS or otherwise. I’m no industry vet but I’ll help if I can :)

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