I suppose I can address this point-by-point. :)

  • On identity and lack of specificity: actually, I initially wrote my first post on my personal Medium account, but I realized that it ultimately felt like a clickbait ad. “Look where I interviewed, and I chose the best place, which is XYZ!” I genuinely enjoy putting out content that helps people, and based on the responses on Medium and a flood of Twitter/Discord DMs, it’s getting through to people. The discussion ends up not being on where I work or why which is exactly what I want. I also don’t want to represent my company and they probably feel the same, even if it would be ad space 😜
  • On negotiating: if I’m reading correctly, you’re just saying that you don’t believe me because “it doesn’t work like that”. Is that accurate? Not sure what to tell you if that’s your belief. Just personally speaking, the fact that the place I signed threw a bunch of money at me that they didn’t strictly have to gave me a lot more confidence working for them. Clearly, they value talent if they’re willing to not scrape away every dollar possible. Helps morale, I guess?
  • On not having time: You must be a lot busier or lead a more interesting life than me :) I don’t find it difficult to write while watching TV when I get home or at a coffeeshop on the weekends. Actually, I’m at the coffeeshop now — should I be programming instead? 😉

Hope you enjoyed the piece. As for profiting, we’ve earned the same amount from it ;)

twitter.com/bayareabell — DM me on Twitter if you have any questions on anything, iOS or otherwise. I’m no industry vet but I’ll help if I can :)

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